Friday, 25 March 2011

Season Tips

I intentionally left this until after practice so I wouldn't get things completely wrong :P I know its cheating, but hey my blog my rules.
  • Tip1: Williams. They might be my favourite team, but I love the bravery of that really steep gearbox design. I think it shows a lot of engineering prowess and seems to go OK on track. Also I think their KERS might have a bit of something special ;). Overall I think because of having rookie moneyspinner Pastor Maldonado in seat 2, they'll finish 4th or 5th in the constructors.
  • Tip2: Mercedes don't have a rubbish car this years so don't count them out. Schumacher (because everyone last post wanted to know) should perform much better this season, but I think he will be inconsistent and only make 6th or 7th overall.
  • Tip3: The Perelli tyres will make things interesting. They look likely to fail randomly.
  • Tip4: Ferrari won't win the constructors for various reasons.
  • Tip5: Kobayashi will drive erratically and aggressively, but still oddly well
My picks for Melbourne (dry): 1st-Webber (home turf advantage :P) 2nd-Alonso(Ferrari have a habit of doing well 1st race) 3rd-Hamilton(just a gut feeling)


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  3. I just made 2 really bad comments

    anyways I think webber is going to win too or maybe Schumacher with a suprise we'll see we'll see

  4. Schumacher is not what he used to be then?

  5. Schumacher ALL THE WAY! Forever! Best driver around, and that is saying something.

    I want to take him to dinner! (I will let him pay the bill, however...)