Monday, 28 March 2011

2011 Melbourne GP

The big story is Sauber having been disqualified for breaking a rule about rear wing area. They are going to appeal, but the FIA aren't going to back down. A real shame since everyone knows that the Kobayashi and Perez drove an absolute blinder and that the minor infringement wouldn't have given them that much (if any) advantage.

Vettel won from pole. No surprises there.

Barrichello was driving like a nutter this weekend, first spinning it in Q2, then spinning it in lap 1, then barging Rosberg like a n00b. Maybe he's getting old and has got cataracts or something.

As an interesting aside, I bet a friend £5 that Williams would place higher in the constructor's championship than Mercedes, but neither team saw either of their drivers pass the finish line. Not such a good start given that we were both confident that our team would be clearly ahead of the other. I'm on slightly more unsteady ground given that Barrichello is driving like he's been down the dog and duck all morning.

I think Schumacher isn't going to meet with much success this season. He hasn't got that fire in him anymore. If he had a race turn out like this in the 90's he'd be fuming, but in his post retirement interview he seemed quite apathetic towards the whole situation. The only sign he was still alive last season was when he tried to murder Barrichello in Hungary last year!

If Petrov keeps driving like that, expect to see him around a lot more. Especially now the Russian GP is going forth. I wouldn't be surprised if a Ruski oil billionaire buys up Hispania (let's face it, they are dying anyway) at the end of the season and runs it Branson style.


  1. I never realized it was so competitive...

  2. I agree with much of what you say - and feel that a Russian Billionaire Bransontype buying up a team seems completely reasonable!

  3. Concerning Schumacher - ending career means it ending. Not coming back once in a while...
    Following :)

  4. it is so competitive. I am following you!